Sorry it has been so long…

Hey friends!  I am still here, and still alive……..and I will post more later on today.  Charles was gone all weekend on a Prison Mission Trip and I became a little sick while he was gone.  Not fun……..and then he came home with the same thing on Sunday……..not fun……..and we both have been horrible parents the last 24 hours — we couldn’t  do anything but lay around……..but I think we are getting better and I did make it to school yesterday — only by the grace of GOD!!!!  I came straight home and went to bed — until the Batchelor came on, that is!!!!  Managed to find the energy to watch the finale!!!

More later…….I gotta teach now!  Stamp projects are coming!!!

Have a super day!!!

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  1. Sorry you have been under the weather. Glad you are feeling better.

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