Oh, Happy Day! (for many reasons!)

It is a very happy day today!  My blog is celebrating a full year of bringing you Stampin’ Up! information and family news.  I am thrilled that I have managed to “stick with it” and I hope to get even better at some of the computer stuff.  If you missed the announcement on the last post………I will offer a great give-away next week.  I couldn’t get it all together in time for today. 

It is a very happy day today!  I am finishing up a huge undertaking of being a long term substitute teacher for almost six months of this school year.  I have learned so much about British Literature and about the demands of working full-time.  I have been blessed with NOT having to do that for the past 16 years, and it has been really hard on my entire family to endure the change of pace.  It has been so wonderful to be with my two older girls all day long — and I know I will miss being with them every day.  And to tell you the truth — they will miss having me at school each day!  They quickly learned that it was pretty convenient having me there every day 🙂  I will miss the laughs and silly antics of all the high school students!    However, I will continue to substitute for other teachers and get caught up with the teachers and the students as I visit other classes.  It will be a nice break — and I can join my girlfriends for lunch dates again!!! 

It is a very happy day today!  Charles a I decided to take a little vacation in April!  We booked a cruise yesterday (just a 5 day one)……and we are super excited!!!!  It will not be the luxury ships that Stampin’ Up! has sent us on in the past, but it will be fun to get away from it all!

It is a very happy day today!  We tried feeding the baby some cereal last night from a spoon and she did really well.   She is growing and maturing — just a little slower than our previous children.  I guess she might just be a petite little girl for a while!   Now if she will just learn how to keep the pacifier in her mouth all night long………..it would be just wonderful!!!  I did say ALL NIGHT LONG………right????

Well…………here is a stamp project to close out the post for today.  This is club project #3.  This is an Accordion Folded Card that was inspired by the Scor-Pal website.  I modified the dimensions and here is my final product.











































I am out of time and energy for this post……….come back tomorrow for the measurements and dimension.

Oh, Happy Day!!!!  It is Friday……….enjoy your weekend!!!!

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  1. Dawn,
    Thank you for sticking with your Blog. I check it daily and often refer to older post for pictures and instructions. I look forward to seeing what you have posted each day.
    Congratulations on completing your full time work. I am sure you need a well deserved break.

  2. Congrats Dawn! I check your blog often and I love your projects. Sometimes I just have to hop up and make a card just like yours. 😀

  3. Congrats on be 1 year old. I check your blog everyday. I love it. Don’t worry, the more you do it the better you’ll get.

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