Quick updates….

I will post more later, but just a few quick updates……….

#1  Lindsey DID make Cheerleader…….Junior Varsity squad

#2  I survived the yellow bus ride to Houston and back yesterday (arriving home at 1:11 a.m. this morning)

#3  Sarah’s Middle School Drumline finished 5th at the State Competition against  all High School Drumlines!!!

#4  I am working on a “TOP 10” list featuring “reasons you don’t want to be in a yellow bus for 12 hours in one day”

#5  Allyson just finished Pole Vaulting this morning at our track meet and finished FIRST on the Junior Varsity!

#6  I am headed out to work for a few hours at the track meet………it is very cold  and 30 mph winds right now!!!! It won’t be the best part of my day!

#7  We are going out as a family to celebrate tonight…….celebrating Allyson and Lindsey’s accomplishments.  But here is the quote from Sarah (as she swells up with tears)………” I am never appreciated for MY accomplishments!!!!”  Those are the words from the baby in the house!  Hope you don’t believe her!

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  1. Way to go Lindsey!!!! Good job Allison!!!! Keep reaching for the top Sarah. You can do it and you are appreciated!!!!! You have accomplished much in your life!!! You are a blessing to your family!! Dawn—Bravo, you survived a trip on the “Big Yellow Nerd Wagon” (to borrow a phrase from my boys) You are to be commended for your bravery to go all the way to Houston!!!!!!

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