No time to stamp….

I am a little disappointed  that I have had no time to stamp this weekend………but I knew that going into the weekend, and all is well.  I will hope for some days at home this week to create, but I wouldn’t trade the fun times with the kids for anything!  I keep reminding myself of how blessed I am to have the time to attend these events and the physical ability to help out (like I did yesterday at the track meet in freezing weather).  I know that I could also not do this without a very, very, very supportive husband who helps make it all possible.  He sacrifices so much personal time, too, and helps me with the baby so I can go do even more things.  I know that the day is coming when I won’t have these things to fill up my schedule, and I will be a very sad mommy!!!  Guess we will have to foster more kids then………..well, we won’t decide on that just yet!  🙂

We have had a fabulous weekend despite the very hectic schedule.   We were also blessed in an AMAZING way as we had a special group at church today — The Annie Moses Band.  They are absulutely fabulous musicians, all coming from the same family.  I worshipped in the truest sense today through music, and the words they shared.  We purchased their CD’s, too, so I am going to continue to be blessed over and over again!

Here are a few pictures from the many school events I have attended in the past week.  Enjoy!

Allyson’s Soccer Game on 3/24

(Ironically, Allyson didn’t get to play — the score was too close to let the younger and less experienced girls play)



Allyson is on the sideline cheering on her team.  She is in the center of the photo in the black jacket under “GG”. 

Allyson’s Track Meet on 3/28 (Pole Vaulting)




Sarah’s Drumline Competition on Friday 3/27

When we first got to Houston, it was hot and sunny.  We practiced out in the parking lot for a bit, and then a huge black cloud inched closer and closer to us…



 We narrowly escaped a very fierce storm by gathering under the awning and waiting it out.  We had to rush under the awning to protect ourselves AND the expensive instruments!stormphoto1


It only lasted about 20 minutes — and then we were back out in the parking lot practicing — in the sunshine!  Can you say “crazy Texas weather????”

Sarah’s Piano Recital 3/29



Sarah and her piano teacher


Here’s why Lindsey came to the recital!!!!


Sarah’s Bible Drill Competition 3/29

This is the first of three competitions which will lead up to the state competition on April 24th.  The first one is the Church Drill, followed by a Regional Drill, and then the State Drill.  If she does well at the first two, she advances to the State Drill.  This is her last year to compete — I will never have another one in Bible Drill — can you tell I am getting a sentimental about all of this???

I am not sure if you know how challenging Bible Drill is, or if you know what is required of these kids, but it is such a great program!  It is amazing how the kids memorize God’s word and hide it in their hearts.  It is a proven fact that we can recall those things learned between ages 3 and 12 much more than any time in our lives.  Even Alzheimer’s patients and stroke victims recall information from their childhood when they can NOT remember current facts or even their own names!  It is my prayer that my girls will remember scriptures and hymns………above all else……and that God’ word will prevail forever in their lives from now unto eternity. 



 These are all the 4th-6th graders who participated.  Sarah is on the front row, far left.

Well, that’s all for now……….and I will stamp something to show you tomorrow!  I opened a box of new stuff today……and there are a few stamp sets that I really have wanted for awhile.  I am going to think positive………..STAMP, STAMP, STAMP!!!!  Have a great week.  It is Monday!!!!!

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  1. Dawn –

    When your children are no longer at home, these memories will be cherised even more! I do remember when both of my children did Bible drills, and this helps not only them, but others who are brought into their lives when they can immediately respond and quote scripture.


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