Mission Accomplished!!!

I am such a happy mom today!  We went to take our annual Bluebonnet Photos last night and I am so excited!  I have about 100 photos and only one is bad (closed eyes)………what a great day!  I can’t wait to blow some of the up, add one of them to my NEW PHONE (another good thing that happened yesterday) and scrapbook them!  However, I am currently working on last year’s photos, so that may be awhile………

The kids were very cooperative for the most part.  A few grumblings, but I started warning them 24 hours in advance.  They  have accepted the fact that I won’t give in on this ritual each year, and one day they will thank me for it!  They don’t think so now, but down the road, maybe so!

If you don’t live in Texas, this is our state flower.  They bloom in the spring for a few weeks, and that is it!  You have a narrow window of time to take the photos, and have to dodge windy days and rainy days……..and the “crop” varies from year to year.  I have been on Mission for the past few weeks to find the perfect spot.  I think I found a good one because there were 4 other families there when we got there!  I have to go sub here pretty soon, so here a few shots to share quickly and more will follow.   Oh, Allyson got Zack to come, too, so I have f!antastic new photos of them, too!





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  1. This is a great bluebonnet patch. Where is it? Love all the photos.

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