He Is Risen….He is Risen, Indeed!!!

I have so many “fun” photos from the past few days to show you……….but they all take a back seat to the real reason for this Holiday Weekend!  I am so blessed to celebrate the Risen Savior on this special day!  May you be blessed, too.  I pray that you find time today to look deep into your heart and say a special prayer of thanksgiving for all that our Lord has done………life, death, and RESURRECTION……….all for me and you!!!





Photos taken in May 2008 in Orlando, Florida.  We went to a Christian “theme park” and I am drawing a blank on the name of it………..but it was the greatest experience!  There were skits, musical interpretations, all workers wore Biblical costumes and many of the exhibits were like Biblical Museums.  It is fantastic for all ages!!!   We are hoping to take our kids someday.

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