Decor Elements in my house….

I love our Decor Elements, but I have resisted buying them for quite some time.  WHY???  I couldn’t decide where to put one in my house, or which one to buy……..but I finally decided to get one and put it above one of our doorways.  It is in the kitchen area where all my workshops gather, so it is perfect advertisement.  This Decor Element is on page 20 of the Decor Elements Catalog and it is the Medium Size (17.95).  This same design is available in Black or White and also available in Small, Medium, or Large Sizes.


Hopefully we are sailing at sea……..enjoying the sun……..and some yummy food!   Miss you guys………not really!!!

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  1. Love the Decor Elements too. Have not purchased any as of now. I have noticed the one in your house and I LOVE IT!!!!! Hope ya’ll have fun on your cruise. We will be leaving on the 29th for our 25 year anniversary trip and cruise. Our cruise don’t begin til the 5th of May though.Can’t wait to go.

  2. Looks great!

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