We’re Home

sunset-resized2Hello friends!  We are back and I have hit the ground running……….nothing like a swift kick back into reality!  We had a great time of rest and relaxation and we even went Scuba Diving (Introductory Course)!  That is another story for another day!   We were reminded of how luxurious our Stampin’ Up! cruises were from previous years — and I definitely missed the pampering that we got from Stampin’ Up!  This ship was much smaller and much older — and well, just not the same in any way!  We have been spoiled in the past…….and it’s not quite the same when you pay for it yourself!

However, we accomplished our goal to rest and relax.  It was great to escape for a little bit!

I have so much catch up to do, and I am headed to Dallas tonight for Sarah’s State Bible Drill Competition.  This is her last competition, and the last for all the Derrick kids….

Then I will rush back for PROM which is on Saturday.  Allyson is so, so excited!!!  Her boyfriend is a Senior, so it is sure to be an wonderful time for all!  They are going in a limo with 3 other couples — all wonderful kids!!!  I will have photos to show you later in the weekend.

It’s Friday…………enjoy it to the fullest!

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