Feeling a little “gray”……..

Well, if the weather were not enough to get me down………now I really feel “gray”……….

We have had a tough day.  I can’t go into it all, but lots of things having to do with our foster baby.  Can I just publicly ask any of you that feel led to pray for our baby to please do so???  I want to get her on some prayer lists, too, and I will handle that privately with some of my local church buddies.     She is so sweet and so precious………such a good natured baby.  ALthough we fall in love with all of them, she is the little girl that we wanted so badly and she is very special.

We came home from doctor visits today with such a great appreciation for life — especially the lives of our biological children.  We get so busy with life that we take things for granted and don’t thank God enough for all the blessings we have.  It was a “wake up call” kind of day for us!!!  Have you had any of those lately???  One of those days that seems to put it all in perspective and reminds you what is important and what is NOT.   Hug your kids today…….tell ’em you love ’em! 

God also confirmed to us that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing as Foster Parents.  Even through our sadness, and believe me they are many, we are still today receiving joy because we know that our little baby has our family, and not her biological family.  We know she is so much better off, and we are so proud that God chose us for her family.  I can only pray that we continue to be humbled by this awesome responsibility and never take it lightly.  I have never doubted God’s placement of each little baby in our home.  He knows exactly what we need — and that the baby needs us!


Here is a second card using “Walk in the Park” Designer Paper and “Eight Great Greetings” for the stamped image.  I threw this card together so quickly!  The paper is so gorgeous that I didn’t really need to do much else!  And what about the ribbon?  It is lucious — comes in the “Valet” Designer Ribbons set.   This ribbon is Double Sided Satin — silky smooth and such a perfect color. 

Have a great day……….thinking of each of you and thankful for your friendship!

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  1. Dawn, I will be praying for your foster baby. I hope things will go well for her.

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