My Mother’s Day

We are headed out of town today for medical appointments with our baby.  I have worked on some stampin’ projects this weekend, but you will probably have to wait a couple of days to see them.  I am really happy about how they turned out and they are for my class at the end of May.  It will be on May 26th and I will offer TWO SESSIONS………either 10 a.m. (for those who are not employed outside the home) or 6:30 p.m. (for those who prefer an evening class).  I hope you will mark your calendar………and I still have openings for my class THIS SATURDAY afternoon at 4:00.  See this post for all the details.

Now on to the title of this post……….My Mother’s Day….

I had a great day, but it was rather uneventful — except for Allyson waking up sick.  She woke up with fever, very bad sore throat and really bad headache.  She tried to get dressed for church and just really couldn’t make it.  I ended up sending her back to bed so that she could get some rest and maybe not have to miss school tomorrow.  I also took her to the doctor this afternoon and we now have a round of antibiotics.  I think she has strep, but we have to wait until tomorrow for the “official” lab results.  “Dr. Mom” doesn’t need those results, though!  Despite her sickness, she had these special treats waiting for me on the kitchen counter this morning…..and she managed to find a smile for me this evening so I could take a picture! 

ally and mom


I teased her a little bit about these Tootsie Rolls being 2 for $1 but she only got me ONE………guess she kept the other one 🙂


tootsie roll

And here is a photo of all my girls………..such a sweet moment!  They cooked me dinner tonight and it was YUMMY……..oh, and Charles made some home-made Banana Pudding!  You know, the real kind, where you stir it on the stove forever………the ONLY kind in my opinion!  And for those of you that know he is not very blessed with “gift giving” ……… he did try to get me something, but I sweet-talked him into letting me get an iPhone last week, so the little things he got are really not important any more.  They gotta go back to the store now that I have the iPhone.  And I think that has to count as my Birthday present, too!  Oh, well, I am loving the new phone, so I guess I will let him off the hook!  I will try to post some new stuff after our days in Austin at the doctor visits…….have a super week!  

mom and her girls

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  1. Well, in spite of your daughter’s illness, it sounds like you have a good Mother’s Day! I hope she feels better soon!

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