Clipboards for the Teachers

Sarah put in a special request that we make clipboards for all of her teachers.  She has 7, so our “simple project” turned into a big project……..but really, they go quickly when you have great help!  Sarah was very helpful, and we did them all on Saturday afternoon.  I used Mod Podge (a very thin coat) as the “glue” to hold down the paper.  I also applied a coat of Mod Podge on top to seal it all up.  The trick is to make it as thin of a coating as possible.  Otherwise, you will get alot of lumps and bumps — the paper will begin to look warped and wavy.  Some of this will happen anyway, but when it all dries it goes away.  Don’t worry if you see some waves, they go away………

clipboards photo 1

You will notice at the top of the clipboards that I have painted either brown or white paint.  Why, you ask???  Well,  I have made them before and tried to carefully cut the paper to fit around the clip at the top……….and it is not fun!  It is very hard to get perfect (did you think I would settle for anything less?) and very time consuming.  I saw on some other blogs that they had painted the tops, and I really liked that idea.  It is so much easier and then you just add a straight piece of cardstock directly under the clip.   The papers used here are mostly Stampin’ Up! papers, but some designs are no longer available.  I  did use a few pieces from my scrapbooking “stash”  (the brown/cream ones) since I am trying to use up stuff before I buy more new stuff in July!!!  Oh, forgot to tell you these clipboards are from Wal-Mart for 97 cents!!!!  

clipboards photo 2

 I did not take photos of the back sides, but they also have co-ordinating cardstock on the back.  The clipboards are slightly taller than 12″ so you have to do something to make the paper reach from top to bottom.  I solved this by cutting the paper into 2 pieces (about 2/3 way down the back of the clipboard) and adding a strip of paper to match from the front side.  So, I added a “stripe” of the paper from the front side where the “gap” is in the back.    Clear as mud?  Hope so!   Notice that there are 8 clipboards?  The extra one is for Sarah herself!  Couldn’t forget herself – ha!

That is all for now.  I will show you the other teacher gifts (high school gifts) later on……..they will post in the morning.   Have a great Monday………oops!  It is really Tuesday………..have you done that all day long, like me????   Holidays really throw me off!

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