Soft Summer class today…

Hello friends!  I hope you all enjoyed an extra day this weekend — if you’re like me, though, it wasn’t enough time to get it all done.  I accomplished a great deal, though, there are just never enough hours on the clock.  And to think that I actually slept a few of those hours!  If I could just figure out how to do it all without sleep, I think I’d have it made!

I worked on teacher gifts this weekend……..lots of them — about 30 gifts.  I also made some treats for the office staff at the high school where I have worked most of the year.  I wanted to say a little thanks for all their help and support this year.   I will go up later today and deliver them, and then I will post them here!  I can’t risk letting someone see them on the blog before they actually get them!  I don’t think I ever told you all that this very thing happened to me on Mother’s Day!  My mother-in-law saw her card here on the morning of, and then at lunch she wasn’t surprised!  Made me so mad at myself, but I didn’t think she would read it that quick……….oh, well, lesson learned!

Speaking of TODAY……….I gotta finish getting set up for my Soft Summer class.  If you have a couple of hours tonight and want to come, I would love to have you.  I have a session this morning, and then a session tonight at 6:30.  You can scroll down a day or two and see the awesome cards and gift box we are making today.  You will also get an entire package of Designer Paper, full color photos, and all the supplies……….all for only $16.   It is not too late to call me, or e-mail me and let me know you’d like to join us. 

Can’t come, but love the class???  I will mail it all to you!  I will even stamp the images so you can assemble even faster!  (Please add $4 to cover shipping costs, or no extra charge for local gals).



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