The Chocolate Book

Finally………time to post the teacher gifts that I promised two days ago!  Sorry!  The baby has been a little sickly and we ended up at the after-hours clinic late yesterday afternoon………she spiked a fever AFTER 4:00 so we had to drive across town to the clinic that sees you after that………..first come, first serve…….not too fun, but you do what you have to do when little ones are sick.  She is much better today and probably just fighting a little viral bug.  It is amazing what a little Motrin will cure!

I got the idea for this project from Patty Bennett’s Blog, but unfortunately I can not give you the direct link.  Every time I go to her site, it aborts and won’t let me stay on her site for more that a few seconds.  However, her link is on my sidebar (Patty’s Stamping Spot) and maybe you guys can get it to work.  I will try to update this later in the week if I can get it to work.  The title on her entry was “The Chocolate Book”, I think, so maybe you can navigate to find it easily.  Sorry! 

Here are the photos and then I will do some explaining……..

chocolate treats 3

chocolate treats 4chocolate treats 2

chocolate treats 5

chocolate treats 1

So in my haste to give these away to all the teachers and staff members, I forgot to photograph the INSIDE!  GRRR!!!  So, you will have to see Patty’s pictures unless I find an extra one floating around the house.  (I don’t think so…)  There are some really cute chocolate “sayings” on the inside that are printed on cardstock.  Patty has them on a PDF file ready to download.  They are the perfect size and everything!  You add 2 chocolate bars to the front and back covers and the belly band holds it all together.  Since I made so many of them, I modified the book to include only ONE chocolate bar.  I wrote a note of thanks in the back section next to where the chocolate bar was adhered.  Where is the stamping?  On the inside, of course, where I didn’t get the photo!  Patty stamped hers with flowers all over the carstock insert.  It was lovely.  However, I decided that I didn’t have enough time to stamp ALL over, so I just added stamped flowers on the last page, stamped “Thank You” and then hand wrote the rest. 

Supplies Used:  All patterned paper is from a “slab” of paper that I purchased at JoAnn’s a LONG time ago.  I liked the idea of using paper with brown in it (going with the chocolate theme) and I did not have near enough Stampin’ Up! paper to make this work………sorry!  The flowers are from my Big Shot Dies — I used Flower Layers and Flower Layers #3.  The “manly ones” for the men teachers have a star on them instead of flowers.  I wasn’t 100% sure of giving this to the men, but hopefully they enjoyed the chocolate bar, at least, and some of them will take it home to show their wives!  Oh well, I just had to be fair and equal!  I did use co-ordinating solid cardstock from Stampin’ Up! and I was happy with how they all turned out. 

I think I am OFFICIALLY done with teacher things for the year……….it will be August before we know it so I better start finding a “welcome back” card to make!!!  Have a great day!  I am so excited about HS Graduation tonight!!!  Zack (and all the seniors I taught this year) are graduating.  It should be a really fun night for all of us.  I can say that because MY BABIES are NOT graduating!  However, I am sure there will be tears in the next few years.  I will look forward to sharing photos tomorrow.  I have an 8×8 album that I am throwing together last minute for him.  I am making it in our school colors and leaving spots for all the photos that I take tonight at graduation.  I hope it all works out……….if the baby cooperates today, and takes good naps, it should all be fine.

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