Last Day for the Anniversary Sale!!!

Hello friends!  I have to confess………and I feel really guilty, but I didn’t stamp anything yesterday.  I have all this new stuff and I still didn’t stamp anything.  I know you think I am crazy, but I just had too many other things going on.   I Probably could have squeezed some in, but it just didn’t happen.  I did help my friend Kristi (hello dear!!!) make 50 invitations to her parents’ 50th Anniversary.  They turned out so cute.  Their anniversary is July 4th, so we did a really cute red/white/blue theme with torn cardstock and vellum overlay.  Really cute!!!  I forgot to photograph them so I could show you on the blog………what was I thinking???  I wasn’t, that was the problem.  So, I will try to get Kristi to e-mail me a photo before they crawl away into snail mail.

I also did some sewing last night after I got the baby in bed.  I have discovered that I have too many hobbies…….surprise, surprise!!!  And I really do love sewing, have always loved sewing since I was a little girl, and I miss sewing when I don’t work on something every once and awhile.  So, I am working on some purse/totes and small gift items that I can stash for birthdays, Christmas, or whatever………..might keep one of them for myself!  However, the main goal is just PURE THERAPY!!!  And we all know that us girls need our daily doses of therapy!!!  I love creating — whether it be on paper or with fabric.   We have a fabulous quilt shop in town that has really neat patterns, fabrics, classes, and ideas galore!!!  I will enjoy showing you the photos when I am done.  Hopefully I will finish this first tote in a day or two.  It is coming right along. 

Today’s Speical:


With a $30 order, pick 3 FREE MARKERS

With a $50  order, pick 3 FREE STAMP PADS

With a $70  order, pick 3 FREE RIBBONS (Max. $7.95 each)

Today is the last day of my Anniversary Sale.  I think many of you have been hesitant to order because you want to order NEW stuff as opposed to OLD stuff.  I can relate!  I am thinking I should have had my sale in July……….it will be my 10 year anniversary all year, so I guess in “theory” I could have another sale later on………..hmmmm.  We will see.   If you like this offer,  please call me or e-mail with your order. 

Thanks for your support of my business, and especially those of you that have placed orders!!!

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