“Make Plans, God Laughs”

“Make plans, God laughs.”

“God laughs at those who make plans.”

“We make plans, God laughs.”

“Every time you make plans, God laughs.”

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”

Have you heard any of these before?  About two years ago, I saw this saying for the first time.  I was visiting the home of a friend who had recently had a baby.  It was their first biological child, and they had previously adopted two little boys.  They did not think that they would ever have their own biological children, but the Lord surprised them both and blessed them with a beautiful baby girl!  She was truly a miracle child and I couldn’t wait to go and see her.  I had recently “lost” one of my foster babies.  He had been placed back in his home with his parents, and I was feeling a little blue.  I decided the hour-long trip to visit this little baby would help me feel better and give me something to do.  (Like I didn’t have anything to do!)  So when I got there, and we were visiting, I noticed the sign in her office that said “Make plans, God laughs”.  I stared at it and began to ponder its meaning.  I had honestly never thought about it……….but oh, so true.  That very day, I had made all sorts of plans.  I had even dreamed of what exciting things I could do the next few days to fill the void of our baby leaving.  I was feeling so empty!  But instead of asking God to fill the void, and asking God what he would like for me to do, and asking God to send me where He wanted me, or asking God how HE could use ME……….well, I did what many of you might do.  I made plans.  Lots of plans.  Plans for a pedicure…….plans for lunch with friends……plans to go shopping without a stroller……..anything to make me feel happy and fulfilled.  I guess you can probably tell where I am headed with this story.  Especially those who know our journey of fostering babies.  God had a different plan for me.  I made some wonderfully fun plans, but He inturrupted them.  He sent me another baby!  Just that fast…….another little angel that needed my time and attention.  Just when I thought I was going to do something else, God laughed and said, “I’ll show you MY PLAN.”   So, every time we send a baby off from our home, we know that it won’t be long until God will send us another one.  It is usually very quick and certainly unexpected.  But God’s plan is always best!!!! 

So next time you make plans……….you better think twice about writing them down in ink.  God is laughing at you!  You might better write them in pencil so you can erase the plans YOU MADE and fill it in with God’s Plan.  We may think we know what is good for our lives, but God’s plan is better………it is the BEST!!! 

So, this really does lead me to Stampin’ Up!  I found me a new planner this week!  I was tired of the big, thick bulky one I had and it would run out in the fall, anyway.  I got one at an office place that was in with the “Back to School” planners.  Yes, all that stuff is out already.  Didn’t we just start summer????  I found this planner with clear plastic covers and decided to decorate it with one of our Simply Scrappin’ Kits.  It turned out so adorable.  I can’t wait to change it out through the year and put new photos, or even new papers in it.  Hope you enjoy this great idea! 

Front Cover:

planner 1

Inside the front cover:planner 2

Inside the back cover:planner 3

On the back of the planner:planner 4By the way, I “googled” this saying and found various varieties of the phrase.  It’s origin is supposedly a “Yiddish Proverb”……..I just thought it would be an appropriate saying to put on the cover of a PLANNER……..of all things!

Have a great day!  Dawn

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  1. Love your blog! I especially love this planner! I agree, make plans and God laughs!!!!

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