Father’s Day Weekend

Happy Monday to all!  I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend.  I always struggle a little bit with Father’s Day.  Even though my husband is such a Godly father and role model, I have not always had a father in my own life.  I always struggle with being joyful for the man I have now and the father that my children are blessed with, and yet the overwhelming sadness for the relationship that I don’t have with my own biological father.  There are circumstances way too deep to talk about on my blog, but many of you probably have “broken home” situations that also make Father’s Day tough for you, too.  Or maybe your earthly father has gone on to Heaven and can’t be with you.  Whatever your situation is, I pray that you were able to find some sense of joy and peace about the day.   It is always a struggle for me — that’s the sum of it.

I was blessed in many ways as we celebrated the Father in our home and our HEAVENLY FATHER yesterday.  I personally think that my husband is one of the greatest Fathers there ever was.  And he has now served as a father to 17 foster babies as well.  He has so much love to give and never complains about any of the duties associated with being a father.  He just does them!   As we were reminded in church yesterday, we all have a Heavenly Father as the perfect role model.  What a comfort to me! 

Here is the Father’s Day Card that we made for Charles, PawPaw, and Mr. Miller (Allyson made one for Zack’s dad).  It is rather simple, but sometimes those are the best!

father's day cardThis card combines some “old stuff” with some “new stuff”.  The Parisian Breeze paper and the Soft Sky Cardstock are on the Last Chance List.   However, the cute new punch that says “Happy Father’s Day” is a new punch.  It is working out great when paired with  these “Teeny Tiny Wishes” — another NEW stamp set!!!  I added some brads and added “stitches” around the Cute and Curly Punch so it kinda looks like the ribbon.   Hope this gives you a good look at something quick and easy and reproducible!

Family Photos from Father’s Day

mom and dad and kimberlynn

pawpaw and all 5 grandchildren

sarah and daddy

allyson and daddy

lindsey and daddy

on the couch


kimi and lindseyHave a great day and I will try to share more fun stuff tomorrow!


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