New Catalog Update

Hello there…….just a quick update to let you know that Mr. Brown (aka UPS) is SUPPOSED to be bringing our NEW CATALOGS today!!!  I am thrilled and will update this post if they do indeed arrive.  If not, you will see a crazy lady stalking all the brown trucks in Waco trying to find them!!! 

UPDATE:  UPS Tracking shows them to be ON THE TRUCK and on the way to my house!!!  YEAH!!!  Hope the computer is not lying to me 🙂

I will also post the project later on today.  Sorry, but had to nurse a sick baby all afternoon and all night long………decided last night to get some sleep while I could.  She just has a little tummy bug of some kind — hoping she will feel better soon.  It is so hard when they want the bottle and don’t understand that it will not stay down………you mommas know how that goes.  Definitely my least favorite part of parenting — dealing with a sick baby.  I am used to it, though, and it just goes with the territory.

More later……..I promise!  I still have 2 more club projects to post. 

I have worked so hard this week on gifts for my Customer Appreciation Party and I have taken photos of almost everything.   I have 50 things that I have made!!!  Some of them are 2-3 of the same thing, though.  I plan on showing them to you slowly, especially the week I am gone on vacation and to Stampin’ Up! Convention.   Have a great day and check back later.  Mr. Brown usually comes around 11 am so we shall see……………

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  1. Come on Mr. Brown!!!! We’re trying to be patient!

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