They’re Here!!!!!

As of 10:21 a.m. the new catalogs are here!  I ran to the door to tell my UPS man that he was  “my hero today” and give him a big thumbs up.  He offered to come back up to the door and carry them in for me (very heavy catalogs) — what a sweetie!  He has been my UPS man for the entire 6 years we have lived here.  He also said, “I was thinking….. you must be the Stampin’ OUT queen!!!”   I laughed as he said our name a little wrong, but I told him that was a title I would willingly accept…… the Stampin’ Up! Queen!   Maybe that will give me a little seniority around this place…….doubtful!

I will be home until about 1:00 p.m. and then gone for a bit this afternoon getting some stuff for the kids for camp (if the baby feels up to it)….but I won’t be gone terribly long, especially in this heat!!!

Please give me a call if you want to come by after work, or whenever!  Spread the news!!!!

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