Weekend Review and Club Project #3

Just in case you had a nice, calm, relaxing sort of weekend……..here is what the Derrick Family did this weekend.  It will make you GOOD AND TIRED, but read on to see what my life was like.  It was a very eventful weekend, but all of done in love!!!! Or if you don’t care about that at all (that’s OK, it won’t hurt my feelings!), please scroll down for the Club #3 Project from my June Club Classes.  This is a very long post, but you might find it humerous or enjoyable in some way…..

Saturday, June 27th  (Lindsey’s Birthday)

*up by 6 a.m. with little one ready to rock and roll

*breakfast and presents presented to Lindsey

*made sure the kids were packed and ready for camp tomorrow!

*took Lindsey shopping (10 a.m.) for a few things

*Lindsey’s haircut (a much requested birthday gift) at 11:30

*Lunch at Subway (her pick) before going to decorate for the Anniversary Celebration on Sunday — decorated for about 3 hours! — but it was GORGEOUS!!!!

*When we were about done decorating, Grammy presented Lindsey with a birthday cake!!!  It was a sweet gesture for such a crazy day!!!  We all ate cake and watched the video of the family memories that they would be playing at the anniversary party. 

*Home for a little rest and to let dad work outside a bit in the 106 degree heat (anyone know how to make the “degree” sign on my computer????)

*5:30 p.m. left to take Lindsey out to eat at Chili’s……..family birthday dinner and her pick

*7:30 Went to see “The Proposal” with three of her friends……..funniest movie I have seen in a LONG time.  Dad took the little ones (Sarah included) home to bed and the movie was not age appropriate for her.  However, I highly recommend it — awesome CHIC FLICK!!!!

*Took all the friends home and got to bed around 11:00 p.m.  WHEW!!!  Lindsey had a great day and that is what it was all about!!!!

Sunday, June 28th 


6:00 a.m. The little one squealed like a rooster to wake us all up!!!

8:30  a.m.  Dressed, packed, ready for church and the day’s long journey

9:00  Delivered the baby to a foster friend’s house to spend the day so we could focus on the in-laws, etc.  It was so, so helpful!!!!

9:30  Sunday School (I work in the nursery — lots of lovin’ on the babies!!!)

11:30 Lunch at Rosa’s (our usual)

12:30  Home to load the car with all the camp stuff, powder our noses, change clothes, and tie up the loose ends.

1:00 Headed to the church for the Anniversary Party and TONS of family photos.

2:00 – 4:00  The longest two hours of the day.  It was so much fun, though!  I really didn’t know most of the people — lots of out of towners and family friends that I didn’t know………but really special to see my in-laws laughing and sharing stories/memories with all these people.  I would guess we had 150-200 people coming in and out.  It was a very special day as I thought about what it means to be married to the same person for 50 years!  I hope Charles and I live to see our 50th.  I have no doubt we will stay married, just praying for good health to live that long.  I felt blessed to see all the people who meant so much to my in-laws over the years.  I served the Chocolate (“grooms cake”) and my girls helped with the punch and the White “bridal” cake.  Sarah stood at the guest book table most of the time.  

4:15 Changed our clothes and headed to Giddings, Texas about 2 hours away.  Camp Tejas here we come!!!  The girls missed the 8 a.m. departure with the church so I drove them there after the party.  We stopped at Dairy Queen in Giddings for a quick dinner (missed camp dinner, oh what a bummer!) and headed down the country road………..

6:30  Delivered everyone and gave the hugs and kisses……….they were happy at last……..with their friends and not blaming me any more for their late arrival!  Praise the Lord for travel safety!

9:00  Back to Waco, life took me full circle and praising God again for safety and the WHOLE DAY’S BLESSINGS.  God is good!!!!!


lindsey haircutLindsey getting her hair cut and styled.

lindsey cakeLindsey sporting her new haircut and the cake Grammy made.

family photoThe group photo…..Charles’ sisters are in the middle (green shirt) and on the far right (blue shirt) and my two nieces are the blondes.  I think you can figure out the rest….

our family only

sarah at the guest bookSarah at the Guest Book table

wedding cakeThe “bridal” cake.  We had separate white sheet cakes that we served from and only cut this cake at the very end of the party.  It was YUMMY!!!

chocolate cakeThis was German Chocolate (PawPaw’s favorite cake) and it was a racetrack cake.  He has been the announcer at the Hear of Texas Speedway for 30 something years and loves NASCAR……..it was a surprise for him.  He only thought we were having the white cake!  The table was decorated so cute with the NASCAR theme.  I served this cake the whole afternoon.  It was a popular spot!

pawpaw with his cakeThis is PawPaw with his cake/photos/etc.  You can’t see the first photo to the far left.  But it is of him with a racecar when he was quite young.  Then the one in the middle  is more recent, and the one on the right is just a few years ago.   Everything had the black and white checkered flags and it was so perfect for him.  Charles’ sister Beth really made this all look so cute!

the spreadThe “spread” as it was……..the NASCAR is on the far end, a little harder to see in this photo.

wishing well

This Wishing Well was the centerpiece between the 2 cake tables.  It held the cards that people brought. 

ally and zackAllyson and Zack……..he was a real trooper with all the people he did NOT know.  He even decorated on Saturday with us.  I am not convinced that he enjoyed that event, other than getting to be with Allyson.  There are always ulterior motives, huh?


crisscross box

crisscross box 2

crisscrossbox 3

Template found at www.nicholeheady.typepad.com.  Her work is also featured many times on the website www.papertreyink.com.  This is a great website! 

This box uses one sheet of 8 ½” x 11” cardstock.  You will stamp all over the paper before scoring or cutting the box.  You can embellish any way you desire, but for tonight’s class I took a strip of Tangerine Tango cardstock and used the scallop punch on one side.  I wrapped it around the box and secured it in the front with two small pieces of Sticky Strip.  I added a floral embellishment using a large stamped flower from Garden Greetings, a smaller punched flower, and then topped it off with a button.  I threaded a tiny piece of Pacific Point Cardstock through the button holes to look like thread.  This is a great way to make sure your “thread” matches the cardstock colors from your project!  You can fill your box with anything, but I used some granola mix that I had at my house, topping it off with a pull tab made with the Rounded Tab Punch.

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  1. Your party was beautiful!! But only 3 hours decorating time?!?!?!? We spent 11 on the wedding this weekend! We were absolutely exhausted Thursday night when we got finished. But is was worth every bit of time we put into it!!!

  2. How were things at camp when you got there? I know Abby is having a blast. I can’t wait to get details when they get home Thursday. This is Abby’s first time at camp.
    Love the projects ya’ll are going to do. May have to CASE it!


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