Durango to Silverton Train Ride

If you are looking for Stampin’ Up! stuff, you may want to go to the next few posts.  We had some “lag time” at the house today while the gang was watching a movie, so I decided to post a few photos (for the grandparents mainly) and to share our gorgeous scenery with you. 

We rode a bus to Durango, Colorado, and then caught the train to Silverton.  The trip was really great, although I was fine with getting off the train after 3 1/2 hours.  It got a little boring for the teenagers at times since the scenery is very repetitive.  However, there were no complaints and they kept their smiles going all day long.  We were able to visit a few minutes with Charles’ cousin, Kristi Derrick Ziegelt and all of her hubby’s family.  We also rode the train with the Cressons and the Bargainers (friends from our Waco church) so that was fun, too!  How cool that we could meet up with so many Waco folks while so many miles from home!  After lunch and a few shops to peek in, we had to get back on our bus to “tour” the mining district of Silverton and ride back to Durango.  We were thankful for the bus ride home, as it was faster and helped us avoid all the storms that passed through the area. 

Here are a few photos for you to see a little taste of the journey yesterday…

family in front of train

narrow path of water


This rainbow was created over a large stream of water.  The train conductor made the train spray out a blast of fine misty water and it created this rainbow for us!  Really cool!

train coming round the curve

sarah with bear

When we got back to Durango, we had one hour to shop or go to the Train Museum……..guess what we did???  Is that a dumb question or what???  We went to do a little shopping (one hour is NOT enough time for me) and went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get some fudge (and I got some unbelievably yummy Toffee Candy).  This huge bear was on the bench outside and I bribed them to get their photo made…….

ally and lindsey with bear

These flowers were in front of the Train Depot…….it was so beautiful!  I was sad to not get a photo of all three girls together, but I had let Sarah go to the Train Museum with daddy……and they came back right at the time our bus was leaving.  I barely got the photo of Sarah as it was!   Maybe someone can show me how to photoshop them all together……hmmm?

ally and lindsey with flowerssarah with flowers

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