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Helo friends………when I write these posts, I am usually writing them the DAY BEFORE and then setting the timer to post them at 5 am the next day.  Did you guys realize that?  I hope so……..surely you don’t think I post every morning at 5 am!  Although I am usually starting to wake up at that time……..thanks to a little princess in our house, who doesn’t understand “sleeping in”……..we’re always up by 6 am at the latest!  Wish my teenagers could teach her a few things about sleeping in……wouldn’t that be nice?

So, although it is morning to you, I am thinking of my busy day tomorrow, but it is now TODAY.  Today is a super exciting day for Lindsey because she will cheer at her very first football game.  It is a super exciting day for Sarah because she will play in her very first Volleyball Game!  Go Leopards!  And mommy gets to try to be two places at once!  Actually the volleyball game should end about the time the football game is starting.  But, I am also in charge of getting the concession stand up and running on game days……….hmmm?  Wonder how this is all going to work out this year.  At least you can’t say that I will be bored!  During the daytime, I have a full day of things with our baby.  I can’t go into details, as you know, but it will be a long day with very little time at home.   I guess I need to be sleeping instead of typing! 

So, for the next couple of days I am going to show you some photos from Convention Display boards.  I am going to save all the projects I created this week until next week so that I can surprise the Club Class on Tuesday night!  I took hundreds of photos, so I guess I should show them to you every now and then.

Season of Friendship Card

season of friendship

You will recognize this stamp set (I think) because I used it alot last fall.  I also made some gorgeous tile coasters for Christmas Gifts last year using this set.  I thought this card was so creative because they used all four seasons on ONE CARD.  If you look closely, you can also see that the artist cut out small images for each season and popped them up with a Dimensional.  What a wonderful way to add depth and meaning to this card!

I hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend.  I will be out of town scrapbooking!!!  WOOHOO!!!  I try to get away 2 times a year with my best girlfriends, and this is our weekend.  I will try to post one more time before taking a weekend break, but I am not packed at all, and you know I won’t have a spare moment today to get that done!  At any rate, thanks for checking in to the blog and I hope you will be back soon!

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