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Well, gang……..I was really hoping to stamp something last night with one of 8 new sets that I received these last two weeks and just now found the time to mount.  And I was really hoping to get to load my new “MY DIGITAL STUDIO”  and try my hand at my first ever digital page.  And I really wanted to get in bed a little earlier…….but what DID I do???  Well, let’s just say that I was serving in the role of “peace-maker”,  “referee”,  “arbitrator”,  “listener” (to BOTH sides of the story), and otherwise trying to be a mommy.  Why is it that our children somehow seem to desire (very strongly at times) making us feel like we are horrible at parenting?  It was one of those nights last night……..and I somehow feel like a failure.  I know that I am not, and I know that I can’t give up……..so I press on!!!  But sibling rivalry is so, so, tough!!!!

So, instead of showing you a new stamped project, I will need to resort to another one of my scrapbook pages that I created past weekend.  This one was also “scraplifted” from a magazine and it is a layout honoring our daddy (and his daddy) on Father’s Day 2008. 

father's day pageThis page is very simple……my favorite kind!  I used some rub-ons for the letters, but I was wishing that I’d had some stamps that were the RIGHT size with me on the retreat.  I didn’t pack up my whole office (just half of it — ha!) and didn’t take ALL of my stamps!  I know you find that hard to believe, but I only took a few of the larger alphabets and it just wouldn’t work on this page.  I free-handed those hearts, and the “15” is from some stickers I had……..once again, wished I’d had some big number stamps!  I was working with what I had (or my friends had) and this was it for the time being. 

I hope you have a great day!  I hope to get to stamp a little this afternoon (after the baby’s therapy session) and start working on my next few classes!  We shall see…………you never know how the days are going to end up around here!

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  1. Hello, Dawn! I am sadly, embarrassingly waaaay behind on blog hopping! I was cleaning out my bookmarked sites, and came across yours again and definitely wanted to keep it. But it made me realize how long it’s been since I checked in on you. My apologies. How are you. You’ve crossed my mind dozens of times, and each time I say a prayer for you, your family and your special ministry to needy children. Would love an update. Feel free to email…

    AND…I love your scrapbook pages. I should get MDS tomorrow!!!! I cannot wait. I’m so excited and I’m having company ALL weekend! But that will be fun too, so I’ll have a good distraction while I wait to dive in. If you play with it I hope you’ll post some pages here. I’m eager to see lots of samples.

    Great to touch base again…sorry for the long comment.

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