Dry Goods Decor Elements and Christmas Jingle Card Class

I have a really neat Decor Elements project that I did this weekend, but first I want to put in a plug for my next class….just a little “teaser” and the photos will be in tomorrow’s post.  I hope you will mark your calendar and RSVP quickly so I can order your supplies!

Christmas Jingle Card Class

Sunday, September 27th 3-5 p.m.

Make 10 cards/envelopes for $18

You will receive 1/2 of the Christmas Jingle Simply Scrappin’ Kit and go home with EXTRAS to make several more cards or projects. 


Decor Elements  — Dry Goods

Ever since I saw these Decor Elements for Canisters, I have wanted to put them on display in my kitchen!  I have shopped all over for the “perfect canisters”, but I finally gave up on finding exactly what I want (and can justify spending money on!).  I found these canisters for only $9.99!!!  Yes, I am telling all my secrets!  I decided that I liked them enough to spend that small amount of money, and if I find some that I like better………well, I will donate these to someone else and have invested a minimal amount of money!  However………I think I really like them and won’t fret over this any more!  I can use all the money I saved by NOT buying some expensive canisters and spend it on more stamps!  HEE HEE!  Charles will love that idea — not!!!

One more little bit of information before I show you the steps to creating the canisters……these Dry Goods Decor Elements are FREE with a $150 workshop or personal order.  They are a Hostess Item that you can earn for free.  The Decor Elements brochure is full of beautiful products for your home, but these canister labels are not available for purchase.  You can get them for placing an order of ANY Stampin’ Up! merchandise.  You do not have to order strictly from the Decor Elements catalog — we can “mix and match” from all our catalogs to earn this hostess gift.  Hope that makes sense to you….

dry gookds 1Here is my smallest canister, the Decor Elements Applicator Tool, and the “TEA” label that I am placing on this smallest canister.

dry goods 2You will want to take the applicator tool and “burnish” or rub the Decor Element to prepare it a little bit for adhering. 


dry goods 3

Peel back the paper backing to expose the “sticky” part of the Decor Element.  Peel Slowly to make sure that all parts of the element are in tact.

dry goods 4Carefully adhere the Decor Element in the desired location.  On curvatures like this canister, begin in the center and then gently press to the right and left. 

dry goods 5Peel off the white paper, and you’re done.  You can use your bare fingers to press down on the Decor Elements Image if you see an area that is needing a little more pressure.

dry goods 6Here are all of them…….Tea, Coffer, Sugar, and Flour…..what do you think? 

Hope your Monday is fantastic!  Come back tomorrow for the Christmas Jingle samples!

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definitely decorative brochure

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  1. I was very pleased this year. Last year it took three, count them, three tries before my friend actually got the gift. This year was great!

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