Hey gang!  I am alive and well, maybe just the “alive” part depending on the day!  No, seriously, things are fine, I am just super duper busy.  I have Club #1 tonight, a home workshop scheduled for Saturday, and my Christmas Jingle Class on Sunday afternoon.  I have lots to do to finish the “final touches” on the weekend classes……but they will all come together soon.  I wasn’t home most of the weekend, and then spent all day yesterday cleaning and decorating for fall.  Open House at the High School was last night — tried to juggle 2 class schedules for my girls — and then came home to set up for my Club.  I am also starting to sub a few days here and there, and that is the case for 2 days this week.  I am trying to juggle my many “hats”…..whew!  I will get you a new post for tomorrow and show you the Club projects that we have done this month.

Most importantly, I need to know if you want to come on Sunday to my Christmas Jingle Class.  It is a fun, easy, stress-free type of class………super casual and I will provide yummy snacks.  I have purchased enough supplies for 10 ladies and I am not full!!!  Please let me know if you want to come.  If you have a friend who does NOT stamp, this is the perfect class to introduce them to Stampin’ Up! and they will have 10 Christmas cards when they leave!  Gotta love it!

Please CLICK HERE  for all the details, but I would love to have you……..I have enough supplies on hand for more ladies, so don’t delay…….RSVP right now! 

Thanks!  Have a super day……..and enjoy your week.  I am hoping that my “fall decorations” will bring the fall temperatures rolling in……..

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