Pumpkin Patch Sweet Treat, Deals of the Week, and Fireplace Remodeling

Warning:  Long post with several different items….some Stampin’ Up! stuff and some personal stuff, too.  Please read carefully for all the scoop!

Good morning ladies………hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Ours was wet and rainy………and a little dreary!  Although I am thankful for rain, it really puts a damper on football games, band competitions, and traveling to all of those.  Our game on Friday night was wonderful — cool, clear skies, and a huge victory for the Leopards!  But Saturday morning brought the rain, and more rain, and more rain….the kind of continuous rain where you just want to curl up in your jammies and watch a movie or read a good book.  Wishful thinking!  So, maybe sometime today we will see the blue skies — but I think we have a chance of rain almost every day this week, so guess I better get used to this.  I am very thankful for cooler temperatures and at least it isn’t 100 degrees any more!  Let’s find the positive in every situation! 

So today I wanted to show you a fun little project using our Sweet Treat Cups (page 7, Mini Catalog) and Pumpkin Patch (page 9, Mini Catalog).  I saw THIS POST last week and it was just what I was looking for!  I was looking for a way to incorporate the Sweet Treat Cups with some stamp sets I already owned.  I haven’t gotten the Sweet Centers Stamp Set (it’s now on its way), but I wanted to demonstrate this set for my Group Meeting with my downline.  I was so excited to find this card sample and also the super creative way that she made the card.  The “complaint” about these cards (from other websites) has been that you have to tear up the card to get to the candy.  Perhaps you have the willpower to just leave the candy there forever and let the card look cute — but maybe your recipient would really like to rip it open!  So, here is a solution from Traci that “backs” the Sweet Treat Cup with an extra piece of perforated cardstock and allows you to dive in to the sweets…….but not destroy the card.  I think you will love this one!

sweet treat pumpkin 1

The finished card is 3″ x 3″, so start with Old Olive Cardstock measuring 3″ x 6″.  The Whisper White Cardstock is 2 3/4″ x 2 3/4″.   The Old Olive “grass” is created by using the Scallop Border Punch.  Just punch it randomly without lining up the perfect scallops and it creates this jagged edge.  I am so thankful for Traci showing me this trick!!!

Here is a side view of the card…

sweet treat pumpkin 2

Here is where the “trick” occurs.  Using the Cutter Kit (page 191, $16.95), perforate an piece of Pumpkin Pie cardstock from one corner to the next, making a large “x”….and now you will be able to punch a little opening in the backside when you are ready to eat the treat!  (By the way, these are orange TicTacs in this treat holder.)

sweet treat pumpkin 3

This verse inside is from “Teeny Tiny Wishes”, but there are some cute phrases in the “Pumpkin Patch” set, also. 

sweet treat pumpkin 4

I hope you like this idea, and here is one more card from my downline, Shannon, who gave me permission to use this on my blog.  This one uses the Sweet Centers Stamp Set (page 6-7, Mini Catalog).  I thought I could live without this one, but nope!  Changed my mind after seeing everyone’s samples.  There are stamps for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and everyday images, as well.  Let me know if you’d like to earn this set for only $10~  retail is $29.95, but you can earn it for only $10 through the month of November. 

sweet treat halloween shannon



They’re back!  And better than ever!    Check out this deal…….good until October 12th at 9:50 p.m. 

If you love punches the way I love punches, you will want to take advantage of this offer! Three of our favorite punches for $10.99 each!



Special Price


Trio Flower punch



5-Petal Flower punch



My Way punch


Here are a few examples using the Trio Flower Punch and the 5 Petal Punch…

diaperfold15 Petal Flower with a silk flower and pearl layered on top (from the Pretties Kit)

scallopedgewithflowersNotice the scalloped edge on the left side of the card?  It was made with tiny flowers punched with the Trio Flower Punch.  The Pumpkin Pie Flower is also the 5 Petal Flower.







wanted candy holder5Petal Flower used as “leaves” instead of a flower.

These are just a few of my older samples that I wanted to show you to give you ideas on how to use these flower punches. 





I mentioned a week or so ago that Charles is remodeling our fireplace.  I am so excited — progress is being made!  I thought I’d show you how far we have gotten, although still a long way from being done.  He only gets to work on it a tiny bit here and there, so hopefully it can be done in a month or two…….at least in time for Christmas.  Other than the dust, and overall mess of my living room, it is looking fantastic!  I have wanted to re-do the fireplace for about 4 years, and I finally convinced him that I was serious.  I wanted a more “traditional” hearth and we had extra brick from the house, so it seemed like a perfect idea to me 🙂  Previously, there was just white (stained with soot) tile and white wood columns on each side with a small mantle at the top.  Now, it will be bricked almost to the ceiling with an arch above the fireplace.  It will have an inset area above the fireplace that will serve as my mantle and decorative area.  I hope you won’t mind seeing a few photos as we travel along in the remodeling journey. 

remodel 1

This first photo shows the area when Charles was ripping off the old stuff.  The big black rectangle is taped up there to keep any hot air from seeping in the holes where the sheetrock came off when he ripped off the tiles.  I failed to get photos of the second phase where he sawed the tiles from the floor and cut out the tiles where the bricks would go on the floor.  That was the biggest mess ever!   Dust all over the place…….I have given up on trying to keep things dust-free until this is over!!!   I think I forgot to take photos in my frustration.  Oops!

The rest of these photos were taken yesterday when he worked on the columns.  The bottom rows had been placed about a week ago.  remodel 2

remodel 3

remodel 4

And this photo is the “look” we are going for………not the “decor” per se, but the shape of the bricks, etc. 



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  1. very pretty, I like it

  2. Awesome note cards, Dawn! Love the idea of being able to get at the candy without tearing the card apart. Too cute! Your fireplace is looking awesome, even though it’s only part way done. I just know that Charles will do a very professional job and you’ll get exactly what you want in the end. Very pretty picture at the end with the insert and all. Can’t wait to see it when it’s completed…hugs…Barb

  3. Way to go Charles! He is THE MAN for tackling that project. You are so lucky to have a Manly Man about the house! The finished project is beautiful!!! Missyouloveyou!

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