Monogram Card, Homecoming, and Fireplace Progress

Survived another hectic weekend…….homecoming and traveling to another Band Competition.  Charles made a lot more progress on the fireplace, it rained a ton, a cold front blew in early Friday morning (along with no power for 8 hours), and the craziness continued.  Here’s a look at the past few days…….and I will post more as the week goes on.  This is all I have time for right now.

First, a sneak peek at one of our Club Projects for tomorrow night (Club #2).  I got this idea from one of my downline (thanks, Shannon!!!) but she originally found the design on SplitCoast Stampers. 

window card monogram version

Tomorrow’s post will give a few instructions and show you my “Christmas version”……..come back to see it!


Allyson’s boyfriend made her a gorgeous mum (well, let’s start over…his MOM made this gorgeous mum!!!) — but he delivered it to her and it has lots of little personalized items included the date they started dating.  She did such a wonderful job!!!  Since he graduated last year, I bet she thought she’d NEVER have to make another one of these!!!  I am thankful that she went the extra mile and made one more!  Lindsey and Sarah didn’t have dates, but I have cheer and band pictures of them….

ally and zack mum

ally and zack mum 2

sarah pep rally

sarah pep rally cheerleaders

sarah pep rally megaphones

band competition 101009

Lindsey is right in front of the Director’s Stand.  Her face is right between Wonder Woman’s legs!  Allyson is directly to the right of the stand.  Our show this year is called “Superheroes” and features songs from Superman, Batman, X Men, and the Incredibles.  I’ll hopefully get more good photos at the UIL Competition this Saturday.  We were incredibly thankful for NO RAIN…… we marched in pouring rain last Saturday.  I didn’t even TRY to take any photos…….not all of our instruments were even out. 

And here is the FIREPLACE…….

fireplace101009I’m loving how it is turning out!!!!  The arch was one of the most challenging parts, and it is done!  WHEW!  I can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

More tomorrow………have a great day!

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  1. I love the fireplace! So impressed with Charles’ DIY capabilities. Awesome!

  2. What it do zaCH milla!! Lookin fly with Ally!!!!!

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