Photo Wallet

Here is the front of the “Photo Wallet” that I introduced yesterday.  This was one of the projects for my October Club Classes.   I originally got this idea from Janet Wakeland’s Blog.  I was thrilled with the idea of using another one of our Big Shot Dies in a fresh, creative way!  This project is made using the straight piece of the Bag with Scallops.   photo wallet cover

Here is the back side and a little bit of a view of the inside, too. photo wallet back

Page one…photo wallet page 1

Page 2…photo wallet page 2

Page 3…photo wallet page 3

Here’s the piece you will use and the places you will score…..but the next photo shows a closer view. photo wallet pattern

We did this project for club tonight.  It uses 1/16″ marks (VERY TINY) and most paper cutters are not marked this small.  However, I found that the Stampin’ Up! Grid Paper has 16th of an inch marks at the bottom left corner.  I had my ladies use pencils to mark these places that they needed to score according to this photo (and my verbal instructions).  Then I had them score on the pencil marks.  This seemed to be the easiest method……..and we all wore our glasses for this project!!!  Although this part was tedious, the rest of the project was quick and easy!  Feel free to e-mail me if you need any further instruction.  photo wallet pattern 1

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