Baby Boy Quilt

Here’s one of my recent sewing projects.  I know this has NOTHING to do with Stampin’ Up!, but I hope that you enjoy seeing some other things from time to time.  You never know what inspiration others might get from seeing different projects, and I enjoy letting you know that I don’t sit around and stamp all the time!  HA!  This is for the teacher that I am going to substitute for starting sometime in November.  We have been friends with them for several years.  Her husband has been a teacher for all of our girls, too, and Allyson’s soccer coach as well.  We are very excited for them and I am looking forward to an experience at the Middle School this year.  It should be quite a change from the Seniors I had last year!  I am teaching English again, but I “demoted” to 6th grade this year! 

The quilt has a “puppy dog” theme and I found all of these materials at JoAnn’s.  The original pattern/dimensions came from a Quilt Kit that they sell pre-packaged at JoAnn’s.  I have made several of these throughout the last few years.  I keep several of these kits on hand so I can sew them up for baby gifts, but sometimes our VERY small JoAnn’s does not have many kits, or any fabrics that I am really fond of.  So, I have recently discovered that I enjoy picking out my own fabrics, but following the pattern from the original kit.  I guess this is kinda like copying a card or a scrapbook page, but using different papers and stamps!baby boy quilt

One thing that I really like about the quilt kits is that they use a variety of “textures” or fabric types on these quilts.  So, I make sure I use a variety of fabrics such as silky fabric, flannel, cotton, and the “fuzzy” material with the baby bumps — whatever that sweet stuff is called!  It is my favorite…….I might just have to make a blanket for me out of that stuff!  baby boy quilt blocks 1

baby boy quilt blocks 2

Hope you enjoy seeing something different every once and awhile.  I have several sewing projects that I will mix in here and there………thanks for looking and hope to see you all back tomorrow!

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  1. I love seeing your sewing projects, Dawn! The pattern and fabrics are great. You’ve inspired me to start cutting fabric for my rag quilts (hopefully this afternoon)!

  2. Your sewing projects are always so fun, Dawn. Love the material you used for this little quilt, and I’m sure the mom will be delighted at your thoughtfulness and time.

  3. This is so cute. I was at Walmart last night getting fabric to make a mole for Beth Anne’s chemistry project, Angelina Molie, and I saw something similar to this quilt and was feeling the urge to find my sewing machine and make something. Thanks for the inspiration. Miss you friend!!!

  4. Your projects, no matter which venue, are always interesting. I used to make baby blanets when most of our SS class was younger – have not done so in quite some time – may need to get back into the habit.

  5. This is so so cute! I love paw prints, adorable!

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