Photos from the Thanksgiving Holidays…

Thanksgiving was wonderful at our house!  Hope you enjoyed time to eat, visit with family, eat, watch some movies, eat, go shopping, and eat some more!  We had a great Thanksgiving Day and took some “fall photos” of us with a big pile of leaves in Grammy’s back yard.  But, honestly, the BIG DEAL in our family was the Playoff Football Game!  We are still jumping for joy that we WON and we are headed to the FOURTH round of playoffs!  Here are some photos to “re-cap” the events!   I have some fantastic photos of the kids on Thanksgiving Day……..I will upload those tomorrow.  Enough for tonight! 

The final scoreboard (we are listed at Tigers — since we were at A&M Consolidated’s field — but let me assure you the LEOPARDS won the game!)

Let the celebration begin…..

Lindsey (tallest one) and the other JV Cheerleaders

Allyson playing the drums

Sarah and Allyson in the band

Allyson and her “marching” horn

Grammy, PawPaw, Sarah and Lindsey before the game

Grammy, PawPaw, and Lindsey

Daddy, PawPaw, Allyson, and Grammy

Daddy and Sarah

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