Christmas Adam?

Edited Note: Some of you had trouble with the patterns, so here is some clarification.

 For journal cover pattern:  CLICK HERE and it will direct you to the PDF file or go to and type in “journal cover” in the search box. 

For the notepad folio, you will have to PURCHASE the pattern from  It is called “Small Books Pattern” and here is the direct link:  Small Books Pattern.

I heard someone say on a Facebook Post that today is “Christmas Adam”……… know the day BEFORE Christmas EVE is Christmas Adam — Adam came before Eve!!!  Get it???  Well, couldn’t resist sharing that one……..she said her kids coined that phrase years ago.  What a fun family memory!  I hope that your days are filled with family times during this holiday season.  I am not doing much stamping right now (not enough hours in the day) and most of the people on my list really wouldn’t want a Stampin’ Up! project.  Just being honest with you guys!  So, I have been busy baking and baking and bakind some more — sewing a few things for the ladies, and shopping for the men, and the kids of course!   I have LOVED not having to go places at night (like we did during the school session) and actually sitting in the family room with my family!!!  I have finished up everything and now I am ready to make memories and EAT GOOD FOOD!!!! 

I am now headed to Dallas to pick up Allyson.  She is flying in to DFW from being in Seattle for a week with Zack’s family.  His sister lives there and her family will soon be leaving for Germany for 3 years!!!  So, she is celebrating her 17th birthday today and fighting the holiday crowds in the airport!!!  If you read this today, please pray for her safe arrival.  She has flown alot, but never alone and at Christmas!!!!  And there is a huge cold front blowing in today that is supposed to bring alot of stormy weather.  I think she will land prior to its arrival, but you never know what weather is going to do!!!!

So, here are a few photos of things I have done here lately……..more stampin’ stuff is coming soon! 

GET READY FOR SELL-A-BRATION………starts January 5th and runs through MARCH!!!! Three months to get free stuff!  Gotta love it!!!

These journals hold a Composition Book inside (the lined kind with NO spiral edges).  I made about 10 of these for teachers and friends/family.  Used a variety of fabrics, and they all turned out so cute! 

 If you are interested in the details and pattern information for these EASY projects, please see THIS POST.  I tweeked the pattern for the composition book and added 1/2″ to the width.  It worked much better for me! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!  May you never forget the REASON FOR THIS SEASON!!!!  Take time to reflect and remember!

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  1. Hello Dawn,

    I was going to check our your pattern and how you made the books, but it is asking for a password, this has never happened to me before, can you help me!

    Thanks, you have a Merry Christmas

  2. I love these!!! i ordered the pattern and made my D-I-L’s sister one for her birthday!! Zebra print and bright pink!! Got fabric to make more just haven’t had or made the time!!

  3. Dear Dawn –

    Tried to check the pattern and the site also asked me for log-on information.

    Hope you have the best Chlristmas gift of all – the presence of a happy family all wrapped up with one another.

    Merry CHRISTmas!

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