Christmas Quilts

Many of you have heard that my mom made us all quilts for Christmas…..but I haven’t taken time to show them to you on the blog.  Each one is JUST PERFECT for the color scheme, personality, and overall design!  My kids love them and so do I………here they are!

Allyson’s Quilt

Lindsey’s Quilt

Sarah’s Quilt

My quilt — I spread it out on my bed for this photo, but we are actually using it at the foot of the bed for an extra dose of warmth this winter.  My bedding is not even a year old, and matches it quite nicely…….my mom did a fantastic job of co-ordinating all of our colors with our existing rooms!  Way to go!

Many of you know that I have WAY TOO MANY hobbies, but sewing has been a part of my life since I was a little girl.  I am so thankful that I learned to sew as a young girl and still love to sew!  It is a “dying art” and so many moms can’t even sew a button on!  I am trying to pass this on to my girls — yes, they can all sew!  Hopefully you won’t mind me sharing my “other hobbies” every once and awhile.  I am currently doing 3 different Quilt classes that meet once a month.  You make a “block” or “section” of the quilt each month — and after a year of doing that, you have all the components for a full size quilt.  One of these classes starts tomorrow.  It is called an “Egg Money Quilt” and each block features a different design/technique from different quilting patterns.  It is a “vintage” design and I’m using reproduction fabrics to stay true to that theme.  I am super excited, as I love all things “old and antique”……can’t wait to learn new sewing techniques, too.  You are never too old to learn!!!  Here is a picture of the “Egg Money Quilt” — but mine will vary slightly because of my personal fabric choices.  I have always been terribly frightened at the thought of tackling such a large project.  Remember, I like many TINY LITTLE CARDS!!!  But, by doing a little bit each month, I think I can keep things under control.  I’ll look forward to sharing my progress with you!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful quilts anda LOT of hard workl.

  2. Lovely quilts! Your Mom does beautiful work! Love for you to show us your “other hobbies” as well as your cards. (Makes me want to sew.) ;.)

  3. Your mom did a fine job on the quilts!WOW!Have fun making the Egg Money Quilt.I would like to see the finished piece.

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