Malachi is visiting!

We have an unexpected visitor this weekend……long story, but I was so happy I answered the phone yesterday — even when I didn’t recognize the phone number!  We have had an amazing time so far!  I picked him up yesterday afternoon and we went to Charles’ office first for a BIG surprise entrance!  Everyone at the office came running to see him.  Daddy treated him to a purple popsicle from the break room and it was very well received!  After coming home and playing basketball (thank goodness for the pretty weather yesterday), we loaded up and went out to eat pizza.  Now this was a real treat………I felt a little like the Duggars.  We had Kimberlynn (18 months), Malachi (2), Sarah (12), her friend Braylie (12), Lindsey (15), Allyson (17), her boyfriend Zack (19) and the two of us!  Crazy…….We took up 3 tables and ate a pretty large amount from the pizza buffet!  Oh, and Grammy came over to Mazzio’s to see Malachi, too!

Last night Zack and Allyson came up with the idea to make muffins for our breakfast this morning — and here are some precious photos of Malachi helping them out!   The smiles tell the story!!!! We are all headed out to Leander (in the stormy, cold weather) to see Sarah’s Colorguard competition…….hope it goes well!

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  1. so precious. It is wonderful that he is getting to visit you. 😀 I hope you have a great day in Leander and a wonderful time with Malachi.

  2. Loved these pics! How great to see M again!
    Congratulations to Sarah and her team!
    love, ann

  3. You guys are great! It is so sweet of you to give of your time to these little tykes.

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