Malachi’s Visit and Sarah’s Colorguard Competition

If you missed my weekend post, you might want to scroll down and read about Malachi coming to visit.  He was here for the weekend, and we had so much fun!  We had Malachi for 16 months (started at age 5 weeks) and he has been gone since September of 2008.  We saw him Christmas 2008, but other than that, we have not seen him at all.  When he left our home, he was not talking at all, and still such a baby.  He is now a very rambunctious toddler boy!!!  He is almost three years old and full of energy……..did I mention that he was very active???

We went to Leander on Saturday to see Sarah’s Colorguard Performance.  It was a very eventful ride, but Allyson and Zack went along to help us with Kimberlynn and with Malachi.  Thank goodness for the DVD player in my car.  It kept Malachi very entertained!!!  We found a Burger King for lunch, and the kids had fun climbing through the tunnels and sliding down the slides………hope you enjoy the smiles!

Lorena Middle School Colorguard

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