Today’s the day…

Today is the day that we have to say “goodbye” to our precious 19 month old foster baby.  We’ve cried alot, and I’m sure we’ll cry even more in the days ahead.  I keep telling myself it is really not the END, but rather the BEGINNING.  A fresh start for her, and for me, and I am so happy for where she is going.  It is really not the end of her story, just the end of my chapter.  We have just brought her so far, and it is so hard to believe the journey for me is done.   I can barely see out of my eyes, so I hope there aren’t any typos on this post!   I appreciate all the prayers and kind words from many of you.  It is giving me strength and courage to keep on moving on….

Speaking of moving on….I want you to know that my next class will be on Friday, May 7th. 

“Moms, Dads, and Grads”

Friday, May 7th 6:30 p.m.

$6 for 6 cards (yes, only $6)

2 cards for mom (feminine)

2 cards for dad (masculine)

2 cards for grads

RSVP by May 5th, please, so I prepare enough supplies

You will have the OPTION on making your cards “Mother’s Day” or “Father’s Day” cards, but you can change the words and they will serve another purpose.  My class is the Friday before Mother’s Day, so I realize your cards would have to be hand-delivered.  However, time didn’t allow me to squeeze this class into my schedule any earlier.  These are quick and easy cards, but packed with pizazz!  You will be able to make them in a snap since you are doing 2 of each design!

Come join the fun, food, and fellowship……..oh, and DOOR PRIZES, too!

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