Happiness Decor Elements

It has been awhile since I have shown you any of our Decor Elements Products, but I recently finished a project that has been swimming around in my brain for quite some time.  I don’t think this photo does it justice.  I think it looks much better in real life, but here it is…..

I took an old, old window frame and sprayed it black — then sanded it off a bit to distress it and make it look kinda old again.  I added “happiness” decor elements to the top pane of glass and added some family photos in the bottom pane.  I accidently ordered the Decor Element in Chocolate Chip (meant to order Black) — but it ended up looking OK with the different shades of brown in our bricks.  If I decide I really, really can’t live with it, I’ll just take it off and apply a black one later on.  So far, it’s staying.  But that is the beauty of Decor Elements.  When you get tired of them, or you want a new saying like “family” or “welcome” — then you change it out for minimal expense and very little effort.  I now have 3 different Decor Elements in the house and I can’t wait to figure out where to put the next one.   I attached the photos with repositionable adhesive in very small amounts so that I can change them out with minimal effort, too!

Remember this one?

or these canisters?

And we have some really neat CHALKBOARD DECOR ELEMENTS coming out in our new Summer Mini Catalog.  They are perfect for labeling large jars or canisters.  You will love them! 

Happiness Decor Elements

Size Medium……….$22.95

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  1. I saw this at your house the other night and loved it!! Such a neat idea!!

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