Hardin-Simmons Visit

Allyson and I have been in Abilene the last 24 hours visiting Hardin-Simmons University.  We had a wonderful time, despite the rain throughout the morning.  We felt very blessed when the sun came out during lunch!  The afternoon was gorgeous and we got some fun pictures………and the drive home was much more enjoyable without the rain!  I will be back tomorrow with some stamping projects………give me a day to regroup — I’ve been gone for the better part of 5 days now!  WHEW!

We are very interested in Hardin-Simmons University, and believe that this might be God’s plan for Allyson.  She has also been heavily recruited by one of their Trustees, so we are pursuing this option for Allyson.   Allyson has a strong desire to be at a small school, not too far from home, and this seems to be a good fit for her academically and spiritually.  And so the journey begins……..college!  Scary!  And yes, I did feel rather old sitting in the cafeteria among those college kids!

We felt very privileged to meet Dr. Hall, the President of the university!

Can you even begin to see the beauty of this stained glass window in the chapel?  The sun was NOT shining at this point, and it was STILL this gorgeous! 

We found Ann’s name on the Graduate Wall……..she was Allyson’s piano teacher, my Christian sister, friend, and mentor……and directs my ladies ensemble that I sing in at church.  We loved finding her name on the wall.

We also went to this special Lamp Post that honors the late husband of another dear friend from church……pretty neat!

Oh, well, I realize that most of you are not really interested in this journey……..but the grandparents LOVE these kind of posts.  Ha!   See you all tomorrow!

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  1. Dawn –

    Having worked at UMHB, your journey with Allyson is to be appreciated – she will be making friends and memories for life during college – so where she attends is very important. The support and care at a private institution enriches all aspects of her time.

  2. Loved this post! I’m just seeing it. HSU is going to be a great place for Allyson! Congratulations on her acceptance into the Honors Program. Yes, that stained glass window is breath-taking!

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