Butterflies on a card and in my yard!

That sounds like something from a Dr. Suess book, doesn’t it?  I saw these cards on Julie Buhler’s Paper Pleasing Blog, and I printed them off for casing once my Sizzlit die arrived.  Then, yesterday, I opened a box from a special friend of mine who lives in Houston and it had some Scentsy “wickless” candles in it — and a full-size burner for them, too.  If you are not familiar with their products, you need to check them out!  I have been burning Red Candy Apple all day, and it is delightful!  You can find out more at www.scentsiblywickless.com.  Back to the story, though……..my dear friend set me these items to try out and I felt so blessed because she was so, so generous.  So, I sat down to make the “perfect card” to send to her, and decided on this one.  Now, I hope she doesn’t read about it on the blog before her card arrives……..maybe I should have waited on this post……hmmmm…

There’s really nothing tricky about these cards…..and they are almost identical.  I want to point out one thing on the words.  If you notice, part of my words are darker than the other parts.  To achieve this look, you will ink up your image and stamp it off once onto scratch paper.  Now, take your marker in that color and color directly onto the stamps JUST THE PART YOU WANT DARKER.  Now stamp it onto your card.  You will get darker and lighter shades.  Voila! Notice that I “higlighted” the “dear”, “kind”, and “wonderful” words on the Rose Red version.  I emphasized the words “my” and “friend” in the Taken with Teal card.

In addition to the butterfly cards, we got home about 7:00 last night from dinner at Logan’s in celebration of Charles’ birthday.  We were amazed to find hundreds of butterflies in our bushes.  Everywhere we looked, we saw more butterflies.  I grabbed my camera out of my purse and captured a few photos.  Most of them were this orange/black variety.

But then I found a few of these guys…….gray and interesting looking with red spots and a very different shape.  Had trouble figuring them out……honestly, they seemed to have antennae on both ends!?  I know you think I’m nuts, but look at the part up in the air……..but this butterfly was “eating” on the plant at the other end…….promise!  So, what’s up with this?  What is this……..anybody? Perhaps a younger version of this butterfly that is not fully developed?  Help me out folks.  EDITED NOTE:  A quick look on the computer gave me my answer.  This butterfly is called a Gray Hairstreak and is usually found in Florida or Texas.  The internet photos looked identical to my little friend!

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  1. the scentsy stuff is amazing!!! the blackberry vanilla smells delicious too!!

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