File Folder Notepads

I thought I’d show you one of the projects that I’ve been working on for Teacher Gifts.  These are altered File Folders.  We made some in my monthly club class a few months ago.  I liked them so much, that I decided to make several of them for teacher gifts.  I have another small sewing project that I’ll show you tomorrow.  I’m letting the girls choose from a few different things, so here is choice #1.  I used File Folders that I purchased from an office store.  Sarah wanted something with PINK in it……..yes, that is MY CHILD!  Gotta love her choice!  I accidently “cut” one of them instead of “scoring” it…….forgot to check the blade, grrr!!!  So, there are supposed to be four of each pattern, and we’re one short!  I apologize for the dark photos……..I needed to take the photos before all the finales started on TV last night……..but I didn’t!  Sorry!

Photo below show how the notebook looks opened up.  Pocket is on the left, closure is on the right.

Photo below shows a close up of the pen (RSVP by Pentel) and the matching paper on the inside of the barrel.  I crimped a scrap of the file folder paper about 6 times.  This breaks down the fibers so you can separate the layers of the paper.  I was able to get a thin piece that would easily roll up in the barrel of the pen.  Sarah enjoyed this part most of all……crimping paper!  Little things bring such joy to kids!

Photo below shows the small velcro dots used to hold it all together. 

Pattern 2 with a butterfly.  Wish you could see the beautiful colors……..sorry!

Here’s my personal favorite.  Something about that pink/yellow combination just makes me want to go make a card with those colors.  Maybe tomorrow….

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  1. Those are so cute. I have been thinking about doing them for teacher gifts, and I think you just talked me into it! Where did you get those super cute folders???

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