Club Project #3

First of all, we didn’t get the new babies yesterday like we thought.  Supposedly, they will be here today or Saturday.  We are hoping that they arrive today…..more on that as soon as possible.  I’m getting pretty nervous because I leave Sunday morning with Allyson, Lindsey, and 50 others on the Youth Mission Trip to Chicago.  If they don’t bring the babies soon, I won’t have time to get things in order for Charles before I leave.  I will keep you posted….

I mailed the postcard invitations for my annual Customer Appreciation Party yesterday.  If you have purchased from me in the last year or so, you should receive one in the mail.  If you don’t get yours in the next few days, PLEASE let me know.  I want you be invited…..and sometimes the snail mail just gets all messed up.  But then again, so does the e-mail!  Things get lost in cyberspace all the time……

So, here is the third project that we did at our club class this week.  It was also from Diane’s awesome tutorial.  This sample is almost identical to hers, so thank you’s go out to Diane!!!  But, the girls at club had a variety of DSP choices to mix and match on their cards.  They all turned out very nice, might I add!   I’m not going to give the details for this card since it was purchased from Diane’s Store.  However, if you want to e-mail me privately, I will answer any questions you might have and help you understand more.  Thank you! 

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