Decor Elements Storage Bucket

Just an update post……..we are NOT getting the new baby boys.  They were able to secure a relative placement for them, and they have another foster family in place if that does not work out over the weekend.  We couldn’t continue to wait since I am leaving with Allyson and Lindsey on the Youth Mission Trip.  We are a little sad, but also a little relieved.  I was going to worry myself sick over Charles home alone with them all next week……….

Now, on to Stampin’ Up! projects!  I will have a few posts for you this next week, even in my absence.  Please check back!  I have gotten them ready ahead of time and I hope you will enjoy them.

I mentioned earlier in the week how much cleaning I had been doing in my office.  Well, this cute little Decor Elements was one of the goodies I found.  I think I got this for FREE from Stampin’ Up! at convention last year.  This is NOT an image you can order, but we have several similar designs and many NEW DESIGNS available July 1st in the new catalog.  I was needing a place to put all my little “loose” Sizzlet and thin Sizzix dies……..and I had found this cute little bucket somewhere last month.  However, it was plain and boring, and it certainly needed a Decor Element to spruce it up!  I was a tiny bit worried because of the ridges on the bucket, but it went on smoothly and easily.  I had to press a few spots down more than once, but all in all, very nice application!

See all my little pieces down in there………I’m sure I’ll outgrow this soon, but for now, it works! 

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