Home from the windy city….

Hello friends!  We are home from our Mission Trip to Chicago and I’m trying to piece my life back together again.  I think the last load of laundry is in the washer, so we’re getting there.  Lindsey leaves for cheer camp on Monday morning, Sarah starts Band Camp at Baylor Monday morning, and Allyson and I will be at Vacation Bible School each morning this week.  So, we hit the ground running fast and furiously tomorrow.  I have 12 babies in my class under the age of ONE……..so all prayers appreciated.  I do have some awesome workers with me, but still……….

I am uploading photos of the trip right now, and I will share some fun photos with you all tomorrow.  I can’t wait to re-live the trip as I sort through all the pictures.  It was a wonderful time of service and we squeezed some sight-seeing in for the kids, also.  We took about 40 kids, and about 15 adults.  We worked with inner-city ministries — things like gang ministries, homeless shelters, mother/children shelters, and youth outreach programs.  Our kids’ eyes were opened to a very different world.  It was such a great learning and growing experience for young and old alike.  We were all very happy to return home, and especially happy to have a bed and a shower.  (We did have showers with warm water, but they were in very poor condition and very unclean. It was a challenge to want to use them.)  I think we all came home very appreciative of the blessings God has bestowed upon us, and ever mindful of ways we can continue to help those less fortunate than us.  Praise God!

I did receive my catalog…….and it is gorgeous!  I DO NOT HAVE CATALOGS TO DISTRIBUTE at this time.  I wish I did, but no boxes yet.  I only have my ONE copy.  I will share if you want to come over and take a peek one afternoon or evening.  I have already flagged about 20 pages……and my list is growing.  I have NOT had time to seriously study it since I just got home last night, but I am going to find more time this week. 

Check back soon for more photos and updates.  I will definitely let you know when I can give you copies of the new catalog!

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