Customer Appreciation Party Prizes and a few Chicago pictures

Hey there!  I’m beginning to find a little time in my office…….and I am working on my prizes for the Customer Appreciation Party next Tuesday.  I will be giving away about 30 stamp sets and several hand-stamped prizes.  (And a grand prize basket that really rocks!)  I greatlly enjoy making 3-D items, so most of them will be just that!  I plan on showing you some photos these next few days of some of the prizes………hoping to get you excited!   If you would like to come to this event, and you live close by, please let me know.  I mailed invitations to everyone who has purchased from me in the last year or so.  However, sometimes things happen, or I haven’t seen you in awhile, or you’d like to be added to my list…….I certainly don’t mind, but I MUST have your RSVP so I can plan accordingly.  Just send me an e-mail or comment here and I will get you all the details for the event. Thanks! 

These little jars from IKEA are so fun to stamp and fill with treats……and they are easy on the pocketbook, too!  The flower stamp is from the Hostess Set called Punched Posies.  It came in the mail while I was in Chicago and I couldn’t wait to ink it up and create!  I’ll show you more tomorrow.  These colors are Tangarine Tango (returning In Color) and Chocolate Chip. 

I do NOT have new catalogs yet………I promise to post when they arrive. 

And here are a few photos from our Mission Trip.  By the way, Sarah was eligible to go with us, but she made cheerleader and had to go to cheer camp last week so she couldn’t attend after all.  I missed the opportunity for her to see the sights and experience it with ALL THREE girls, but looking back on it, maybe it was best that she was not there.  She is pretty young to experience the tough areas where we worked, and maybe another year of maturity would do her some good.  

The first picture is at Pacific Garden Mission.  We did a choir concert there on Monday night.  This place is well known as one of the oldest missions in the US.  It is a fairly new building for them, and it was incredible.  We did not get to take a tour of the facility, but what we did see was amazing.  Notice that we needed jackets….yes, Lindsey stole mine, or I’d be wearing mine, too!

CUBS GAME:  Sports is not usually my “thing”, but this was a very fun experience and we all had a wonderful time.  We are STILL singing the “Go Cubs Go” theme song that they played over and over again!  It was so neat to see the historic stadium and all the things that we usually see on TV.  And it was the perfect weather!  We went to a 1:20 game and never sweat at all!  You certainly can NOT do that in Texas.  We felt the cool breezes and almost wished we had a jacket….no lie!  

The highlight of the trip (as far as sightseeing goes) was our visit to the Sears Tower.  We went 103 stories into the air and towered above the rest of Chicago.  Last year, they built 3 skyledges out of clear plexiglass type of stuff.  You can literally walk out on clear plexiglass and see the ground under you…….amazing!  We took so many photos at the top of the tower, but this one is my favorite.  It was unbelievable how many buildings were below us!  We even saw helicopters flying lower than us….  One more thing, I’m laughing that all 3 of these photos show us wearing our mission trip shirts.  We wore them them on Monday night only  for that concert, and then had to wear them again all day on Thursday.  So, you just happen to be seeing us in them for all these pictures.  We really didn’t wear them the WHOLE week 🙂

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