Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

Sweet 16 to Lindsey!!!  We had a great day yesterday, and we did a few things to celebrate, but no major party….the BIG DAY is really today.  We are headed to the DPS office to try and get her Driver’s License.  Please say a prayer that she passes…….and doesn’t PASS OUT!

UPDATE:  SHE PASSED and the officer told her she did “perfect” on the parallel parking!  WOOHOO!!!  Celebration begins……and the new catalogs are in a brown truck and “out for delivery” right now!  Just in the nick of time for my Customer Appreciation Party!

She wanted to go to her favorite Chinese restaurant for her birthday, but they are CLOSED on Sundays…….good for them, but bad for us!  So we thought we’d go on Saturday for lunch.  We were “killing time” between Sarah’s band concert and a 25th Anniversary Party that we were helping with.  So, we pull up at 11:15 hoping to get plenty of time for a nice, quiet, family type of lunch.  However, they don’t open until NOON…….bummer!  That would have rushed us in a big way, so STRIKE TWO!  So, we decided to do some shopping and eat at home for her birthday.  Daddy made her some homemade meatballs (her request) and pasta.  Mommy made the “famous” Strawberry Birthday Cake that we all love……..and it was delightful!  We plan on going to the Chinese place later on in the week……….maybe I should have checked their hours of operation……….ya’ think?

CATALOGS ARE DUE HERE TODAY……..I will update as soon as Mr. Brown delivers!!!

Customer Appreciation Party tomorrow…….don’t forget to RSVP, please!

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  1. I will be there at the party,if we don’t have a baby at that time. Thanks for the fun!

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