Convention Fun!

I’m home from Stampin’ Up! Convention and it was one of the best conventions ever!  I have been to 11 conventions, and Stampin’ Up! always amazes me — they never seem to run out of fresh ideas and excitement for us!  I am tired — and didn’t get to sleep in due to 6 a.m. storms, but I’ll get over it.  Sleep is WAY over-rated, anyway!   I will be back with more project ideas and stamped projects, but for now, I need to get caught up on some e-mails, and tidying up my house a little bit. 

I just couldn’t resist showing you a few of my favorite pictures of my special friends that I always room with at Convention.  We have WAY too much fun.  Sometimes I feel like we better copy that cute saying from Las Vegas and say, “What happens at Convention, Stays at Convention!”  We shopped, and ate, and stamped, and talked, and laughed, and shopped, and ate and ate some more!  It was so fun to get caught up after a year — and we were so sad to part.  I’ve already talked to 2 of them this morning!  We are missing each other and thinking of questions already….

Here we are on the first full day of Convention and we are all wearing our shirts that Katherine gave us.  They were gorgeous — embroidered with our names and the SU Convention Logo on the front and the back.  We got complimented by SO many demonstrators.  We were so proud of our shirts!

The ladies in the above photo are Katherine (Crawford), me, Maria (Florida), Nicholette, Katie, and Danielle (all 3 from Houston).  We had one Houston friend and one Florida friend who didn’t get to join us this year, but we are counting on them to be back with us next year!!!!

The photo below shows us (with Maria’s upline Tammy and her daughter Liz) at The Melting Pot.  It is a Fondue restaurant, and one of our annual traditions.  If you have never been to The Melting Pot, you gotta try it out!

Here we are one night at PF Chang’s.  I told you we eat good food!!!!

This was Wednesday at registration……..aren’t these the cutest bags ever?  Thanks to Stampin’ Up!, I have a trendy, new shiny tote bag!

This was our Make and Take Session.  We made 6 projects at this session.

Katherine and I enjoying the last day of convention — Make and Takes.

Katie and I are showing off our FREE STAMPS, paper, ink, and glitter!  We were so excited that we ALL got these items — in addition to many other perks at convention.  However, FREE stamps are the greatest!!!

OK……..thanks for looking and I hope to get new projects posted the rest of the week.  Better get off the computer and into my stamp room!

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  1. Yes, Dawn, those bags are the cutest! I want one! They did great bags the years I went but not THAT great!

    and seats for make and takes! what are they thinking?!

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