Our newest addition…

This is our newest little bundle of joy that came on Friday night…….he is adorable and full of smiles.  He is adjusting well and made it to all of our events of the weekend.   He’s already been to dinner with 4 couples, dominoes afterwards, a wedding and dinner reception, church, WalMart, grocery store, and so much more.  He just didn’t know what a fun family he was coming to !  Everyone who sees him has been lovin’ on him and he seems to enjoy every bit of it.  And the best news of all………he sleeps all night long!!!!  He is my hero!!!!  God has such a sense of humor to keep sending me all these boys, but after 19 months with Kimi, I guess I was due for a boy. 

Please scroll on down to see the Stampin’ Up! post from Friday if you are interested.  I need you to RSVP for the “Fruit of the Spirit” frame class if you have not already done so.  I want to start cutting all the supplies and letters, so please let me know how many I need to cut.  I will be back soon with more stamp stuff, but with all the baby excitement this weekend, I did NOT stamp any!  Do you blame me?  The dust will settle soon and he will start daycare and things will calm down a little bit.  Well, guess that is a “relative term” in my house….

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