Beautiful Ceramic Tiles offered at my next class…

I am pleased to announce my next class and show you photos of the samples.  You will be making Ceramic Tiles (6×6) which are stamped and embossed.  You will also get to add a ribbon and tag to each tile.  They will be ready for gift-giving!  (Or you may want to keep them for yourself when you see how pretty they are!)  These are intended for decorative purposes only.  They are not “trivets” or “hot plates”.  They are just decor items that you can sit on a shelf “to look pretty”!

Class Details:

Sunday, August 22nd

4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Dawn’s House

$5 per tile, includes ribbon and tag

RSVP and let me know HOW MANY TILES you plan to make (not the design, just the #)

You can ONLY make the designs on these photos.  You can make slight modifications to the colors, but I only have a limited amount of choices because of the type of ink used for the tiles.  For example, you could make brown crosses instead of black, or make green swirls instead of red.  But no other stamp images will be available other than the ones on the tiles in these photos.  There are 9 choices.

For the “Family” tiles below, you can put a family name, as long as your name isn’t real long….

Remember, you must let me know how many tiles you plan to make at my house.  I don’t recommend more than 5 or 6 tiles — unless you want to have a slumber party at my house!

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  1. Beautiful! Every design is just gorgeous. What a fun class! May have to make a trip there for one of them sometime. What fun! Hope it goes well for you.

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