Hook ‘Em Horns!

NO…….I am not a University of Texas Longhorn Alum.  But I love to support Texas teams, and special friends.  So, I became a Longhorn on Saturday and traveled to see the Longhorn Marching Band.  I guess you could say I watched some Longhorn Football, too, but I was really on a mission to see the BAND!  Allyson’s best friend, Collin, is a Freshman at UT and made the UT Drumline.  It was his first performance as a Longhorn so we couldn’t miss this one!  We joined his family and traveled together to Houston.   They played the Rice Owls in Reliant Stadium, so it was even more exciting because of the venue.  Nothing like your first performance at an NFL stadium! 

So here we are headed to the game….

Here is the band marching from their buses into the stadium.  Collin plays the snare drum and he is in the second row, the second drummer from the right. 

Then  it was really amazing to me to look out and see the band stretched out SO long on the road below.  There are over 400 of them. 

Before the game started, we walked over to see the band.  He was so excited to see all of us!

The halftime show was amazing!  There were so many formations — this was just ONE of them!

Here we are at the very end of the game — we had walked back over to the band so we could see Collin and the band march out of the stadium and follow them back out to the buses.  Do you think I should paint orange stripes in my hair next time like the lady behind us?

And here are the best photos…….afterwards, we we finally got to see Collin.  Happy kids!

I never thought my little girl would be doing the “hook ’em horns” sign, but I guess we should “never say never”!!!  Collin changed out of his uniform and we said goodbye……..until we got back to Austin.  He promptly got all his laundry for his momma to do and we headed back to Waco.  We had so much fun!!!!  It was a long, long, long day!  I went to bed at 1 a.m. two nights in a row…….but it was SO SO worth it!  Hope you made some memories this weekend, too!

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