Sickness strikes again…

I wish I had time to worry with the blog…..but I’ll have to do this later, or tomorrow!  Josiah (our foster baby) came down with Strep Throat yesterday and has been running a high fever for the last 24 hours.  I had to wait for a “walk in” appointment yesterday afternoon, and it was a 2 hour wait……..not really how I wanted to spend my time.  But, do illnesses every come at a “good time”?  Really?  So, here I am at home today and praying that he begins to recover – quickly!  Alternating Tylenol and Motrin, and pumping down the antibiotics — all the while trying to get ready to leave on our trip.  I feel so bad that his caregiver will have to deal with the medicine, and I hope he perks up by tomorrow afternoon.  He is normally smiling and laughing all the time!

Well, I promise I have things to post, and I will get to them later…….have a great day and please say a little prayer for me.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now with all the things that must be done by tomorrow night!

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  1. Dawn just remember that God’s not going to give you more than you can handle!! He just really trusts you a bunch to do what He needs you to do!!

  2. Dawn,
    Hope you are feeling better. Also, have a wonderful and safe trip. I will keep you and
    your family & the baby in my prayers.
    I have made the credit card holder many
    times and is very cute and alot of fun because
    you can actually finish something so quickly.
    Yea! I like those projects.
    See ya when you get back.
    Deb DeLillo

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