“Whoo” made this little wallet?

Why, I did, of course!  This was a little thing I was trying out to see how TRULY easy it was……and to see if I wanted to make more for Christmas or Birthday presents.  The results are in, and it is truly a quick project.  It might have taken me 30 minutes, including tracing the pattern, cutting, AND sewing.  I bet I can make the next one in about 15 minutes.

Not sure why these pictures a little “hazy” looking……..whoooo knows!  🙂  But I am really liking this pattern and it will help me use  little tiny scraps of fabric that I have left over from other projects.   I added a snap to it with a special snap-setter that I own.  The average seamstress would probably not have this, and you would just sew a traditional snap onto the wallet.  I purchased this little gadget many moons ago………back when I was making alot of baby clothes so I could put “professional” looking snaps in the crotches of the pants, or along the shoulder seams.  It was so helpful and it is also easy to use! 

Here is the pattern I used for the wallet……..it is available for $3 at  Tomorrow’s Quilts in Waco, Texas.

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  1. Dawn you amaze me. This is really cute and can’t believe it only took you a few minutes to make.

    Have a great trip.

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