Two Tags Candy Holder

When I was looking for a project for club last month, I came across MANY different things to create with the Two Tags Big Shot Die.  We ended up making a cute little fall basket that you can see HERE.    You might also remember that the leaf on the basket was made using the Baby Wipe Technique.  Well, this is another project that I created while working on that basket.  I stamped off a bunch of pumpkins and leaves so I would have them for some other projects.  While I had the baby wipe inked up, I figured I better stamp a bunch!  I was amazed at how many projects I found that used this die — for much for than a tag! 

To make this “triangle” shape with the Two Tags Die, you will need 2 of the larger tags.  Adhere the two straight edged ends together to be the base of the treat.  Pull the two scalloped edges together at the top and tie with ribbon.  I’m pretty sure I’m sending these to all of the teachers!  I used a small Cello Bag (page 170) and put a few bite-sized snickers in it.  Then I folded up the edge (I might have cut off an inch or two) and stapled just one staple on the back side of the treat.  TIP:  If you will turn the stapler around backwards, you will have the “flat” side of the staple showing on the outside of your treat.  Much more attractive than the bumpy, and sometimes sharp, edges.  Just a little tip….

If I’m timing these posts correctly, I should be in Boston today.  I’ll been attempting to send cool air to all my Texas friends!

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